Therese Holland*Massage Therapy -
     Whether you have chronic pain to address, recovering from an injury, want to manage stress, or for general health maintenance, then massage therapy can help you!    
      I integrate many massage modalities that will address a specific area to diminish chronic pain, increase circulation, improve the lymphatic system, and calm the nervous system, so you feel better!
     I have been practicing massage therapy for over sixteen years. A career that I enjoy so much, because I am helping clients improve their wellbeing.
     Massage therapy has been a healing modality for thousands of years. Hippocrates, the father of medicine believed massage therapy to be a part of a healthy lifestyle, as well as exercise, and diet. 
Below are the many benefits of Massage Therapies:
~relaxed overused muscles
~softer and less restricted fascia (connective tissue)
~ a deeper more restful nights sleep 
~increased energy 
~increased circulation 
~enhanced immunity 
-lower blood pressure
~improved range of motion
~reduced joint stiffness
~Improved posture
~headache relief
~a calmer state of mind
~assists in post injury/surgery rehabilitation
~promotes deeper and easier breathing
~an enhanced body mind connection
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