Therese Holland*Massage Therapy -

     When you use your muscles, joints, tendons, and mind to get 'through' the day this may cause tension and fatigue in your muscles causing muscular pain, trigger points or (knots), joint pain, limited range of motion, postural imbalances, headaches, low energy, and mental stress. The intention of my therapy is to reduce chronic pain, increase energy and mood, improve range of motion, reduce stress and tension, and improve postural imbalances so you feel rejuvenated!
     A session will begin with muscle testing, postural analysis, and a brief interview to create the best treatment plan for your specific needs and goals. The treatment plan is created by integrating a variety of therapies that could be swedish, deep tissue, myofascial, trigger point therapy, sports massage, energy work, craniosacral therapy, or yoga. The session is done on a massage table with sheets or the treatment can be done in loose fitting clothing.  

Benefits of Integrative Therapies
~relaxed overused muscles
~softer and less restricted fascia (connective tissue)
~ a deeper more restful nights sleep 
~increased energy 
~increased circulation 
~enhanced immunity 
-lower blood pressure
~improved range of motion
~reduced joint stiffness
~Improved posture
~headache relief
~a calmer state of mind
~assists in post injury/surgery rehabilitation
~promotes deeper and easier breathing
~an enhanced body mind connection