Therese Holland*Massage Therapy -

     If you have chronic pain, stress, anxiety, neck pain, headaches, soreness from exercise, or just want to relax, then massage therapy can help. The benefits of massage therapy help decrease stress, lower blood pressure, relieve anxiety, improve your immune system, increase circulation, relax and soften tight contracted muscles, improve your range of motion, sleep better, improve your mood and energy.
     We all need time to rest and restore from busy daily activities, from home life, work, and physical activities. These can lead to overuse in the muscles causing muscle fatigue, and poor circulation, which can cause pain, tension, discomfort, headaches, spasms, upper and lower back pain, moodiness, depression, anxiety, and stress. Massage therapy improves circulation throughout your body, so you feel lighter, more relaxed, and less stressed. Having a massage as a part of your health regime can greatly improve your overall health! 
    "I find Therese Holland’s touch as a massage therapist gifted. She senses spots of muscle tension I am unaware of until she starts working on them. Then I become quite aware as she works out that tension until I feel a new sense of relaxation. Moreover she is sensitive to the energy flow in my body as she works on one spot that reverberates an effect in another part of my body." Joe K.

     "Therese is wonderful! She has done wonders to help keep my body healthy and strong for over ten years! I look forward to my appointments because I know it's my time to relax, breathe easy and have all the kinks taken care of. And it works! I thank her all the time for taking such good care of me." Lois P.

Benefits of Massage Therapy
relaxed overused muscles
relaxed nervous system
better digestion
decreased anxiety
softer and less restricted fascia (connective tissue)
improved mood
a deeper more restful nights sleep 
increased energy 
increased circulation 
enhanced immunity 
lower blood pressure
improved range of motion
reduced joint stiffness
Improved posture
headache relief
a calmer state of mind
assists in post injury/surgery rehabilitation
promotes deeper and easier breathing
better body mind connection