Therese Holland*Massage Therapy -
 *swedish relaxation   *Clinical Massage  *Deep tissue/Muscle Therapy *Trigger point Therapy    *Myofascial Massage  *Sports Massage  
*Prenatal Massage     *Pain and stress management
     Whether you have chronic pain, recovering from an injury, want to de-stress, or for general health maintenance, then massage therapy can help you. We all need time to restore and recover from busy daily activities, from home life, work, and physical activities.  Activities lead to overuse causing muscle fatigue, and poor circulation which then leads to pain, tension, and discomfort. When you have improved circulation throughout your body you will feel lighter, more relaxed, less stressed, which is the main goal of massage therapy. Having a massage as a part of a health regime can improve your overall well being.   
    Benefits of Massage Therapy
~relaxed overused muscles
~softer and less restricted fascia (connective tissue)
~ a deeper more restful nights sleep 
~increased energy 
~increased circulation 
~enhanced immunity 
-lower blood pressure
~improved range of motion
~reduced joint stiffness
~Improved posture
~headache relief
~a calmer state of mind
~assists in post injury/surgery rehabilitation
~promotes deeper and easier breathing
~an enhanced body mind connection