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    "I find Therese Holland’s touch as a massage therapist gifted. She senses spots of muscle tension I am unaware of until she starts working on them. Then I become quite aware as she works out that tension until I feel a new sense of relaxation. Moreover she is sensitive to the energy flow in my body as she works on one spot that reverberates an effect in another part of my body." Joe

      "Therese is wonderful! She has done wonders to help keep my body healthy and strong for over fifteen years! I look forward to my appointments because I know it's my time to relax, breathe easy and have all the kinks taken care of. And it works! I thank her all the time for taking such good care of me." Lois

     "Therese is a great massage therapist because she has tailored each massage to my issues at the time. Mostly I need work on trigger or pressure points;as she knows those well. After her work on my back and arms, I'm quite relaxed for at least a day or two! Also she has given me good tips and referrals for other holistic solutions to physical issues.She is so good that I've been going for years!" Marty

    "Over the years, Therese Holland has helped me through many bumps in the road of life: a difficult pregnancy, pulled tendons, frozen muscles, and other normal stresses and strains. Part of her effectiveness is that she works on many levels of the body: the fascia--for one thing, and the muscles, and even the energy meridians. For example, you may go into her treatment room with a frozen shoulder, and come out with your shoulder loosened up, but also find that your sleep going forward is deeper and more restful, and that your general stress level has been significantly reduced. She has an intuitive understanding of the body, and, as a natural healer, she brings a personalized approach to her clients--and I think that is why you feel the healing force of her thoughtful and skilled attention and knowledge for an extended time after each session. She is highly trained in a variety of modalities, including the aforementioned deep muscle and tissue work, Craniosacral work, and fascia release. She also offers a wellspring of information on nutrition, exercise, and other helpful therapies. She is responsive to questions and appointment requests, and shows genuine interest in the client's well-being, and she offers creative solutions to ailments that had often, before, seemed intractable. In short, she is an incredible asset to a healthy life." Clare

    "I am a therapist myself and have been working with Therese Holland many months, weekly. She is skilled, kind, enthusiastic, strong, thorough, and concerned about the health of her clients. I look forward to my treatments every week and especially enjoy her inclusion of biodynamic craniosacral therapy at the end of my sessions - she's a great practitioner!!"Therese is also very strong so if you are taller or bulkier, no problem for her!" Janet

     "I have been seeing Therese for regular massages for the over 10 years. I always leave feeling peaceful and relaxed. I book an appointment every two weeks with Therese for stress relief, and just to feel calmer after a busy day at work. I also have issues with chronic shoulder pain. She asks the right questions and always helps alleviate the pain I feel in my shoulder. She is naturally intuitive and also very well informed. The minute I step into her office I feel better because I know I am in such good hands." Kellie

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